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It is true that with every industrial revolution, our world gets smaller, and our lives get easier. Starting with the shift from agriculture to mechanising and manufacturing, to discovering new sources of energy like electricity, to the invention of electronics, telecommunications and computers, and finally to where we are today - having cyber physical systems powered by the Internet. 

What is also true is that with every apparent advancement, we are increasingly putting ourselves at imperceptible health risk. From the electronic and electrical devices (eg. Mobile phone, Wireless baby monitor, Cordless phone, IoT, Bluetooth), equipment (eg. Wifi router, Mobile phone towers/mast/antennas 2G/3G/4G/5G), and appliances (eg. Microwave oven, Induction cooker), that we use in our daily lives to power system installation like substation, transformers and electrical wiring can all emit harmful man-made Electromagnetic Radiation or Field (EMR or EMF). 

EMR is an inevitable by-product of our technologically driven world and a significant polluting element in our environment. Increased exposure to man-made EMR has been shown to cause health problems such as insomnia, skin issues, fertility issues, oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation. According to the World Health Organisation, radio frequency (RF) EMR emitted from electronics, electrical and wireless devices, equipment (including mobile phone towers) can potentially cause cancer. As it is invisible and intangible, it is all the more dangerous as we cannot detect the harm that it may be doing to our body.

That is how Max Chua, the Founder of Choizya, accidentally discovered the adverse effects of EMR. He was experiencing muscle aches in his body and prolonged poor quality of sleep, and decided to research the possible causes of his problems when he chanced upon various findings on EMR. With a professional background in engineering, he experimented with shielding methods and before long, his aches disappeared and his quality of sleep significantly improved.

That discovery led to the inception of Choizya in 2013, with the aim of making our wireless world a safer place to live, work and play in. Choizya raises awareness of potential risks from EMR, and provides effective indoor and outdoor shielding solutions for individuals, homes and organisations. We also aspire to create innovative EMF-reducing products to offer to all. Till date, Max has spoken at numerous events at global MNCs and organisations internationally to create public awareness about the negative health effects of EMR over exposure.

The shielding solutions that Choizya offers help

  • Individuals who want to keep themselves and their loved ones safe from excessive wireless radiation
  • Home buyers or owners who want to look for an ideal home with low environmental EMR, and reduce the exposure of EMR in their homes
  • Organisations who want to protect their employees and operations, especially in industrial applications where limiting EMR interference is crucial

Choizya believes in EMR Safe Living, and we do it through Detection and Protection.


We offer EMR assessment consultation, which includes professional EMR surveying and auditing of your home or other premises to identify radiation sources. The consultation comprises Electric & Magnetic Field, Radio Frequency (RF), and Dirty Electricity/Power Quality assessments.  


  • We work with industry-leading suppliers, contractors, architects and interior designers to provide you with our advanced 5G-Ready Wireless Radiation Shielding Solutions like Fabrics, Films & Paints
  • After our professional assessment, we recommend you to track the EMR level in other areas that you spend considerable time in with our range of Non-Ionizing Radiation Detectors (EMR Meters)
  • We have effective and flexible shielding solutions for personal products like Accessories and Wearables
  • We provide you the option of switching between wireless and wired connections for your home wifi enabled devices ( Ethernet/LAN solution) 
  • Besides reducing your EMR exposure, the shielding solutions also prevent you from being a victim of wireless cyber theft by strengthening the protection against intruders


With the ever advancement of technology like the up and coming 5G, Choizya continues to share viable solutions to live safely in the digital world. The technological landscape is ever-changing, and so do our products and services. Therefore, we are constantly innovating new and better solutions to keep you adequately protected from the dangers of EMF Radiation.

Having our gadgets with us 24/7 not only brings about health problems from the constant EMR exposure it also pollutes the environment with EMR and carbon emission due to higher usage of electricity. Behavioural and social problems like addiction and losing the ability to interact face-to-face are becoming a serious issue too. Which is why besides limits your EMF exposure, having enough rest, exercise and a healthy diet is essential. Another good way to keep you healthy is through digital detoxification like spending time in nature parks, away from technology and wireless radiation. This would greatly contribute to your holistic wellbeing and promote natural healing.

If you are keen to learn more about how to Detect and Protect yourself, your family and your organisation from the ubiquitous radiation, contact us for a quick consultation today. 

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